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Starter ~ perfect if you are new to seaweed
Bakers Delight ~ Essentials for the baking enthusiast
Foodie Adventurer - flavours, textures and colours to delight
Soup Seasonings ~ Essentials for flavourful broths
Soup Bundle ~ Leaves to add to nourishing, hearty broths & soups


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Soup Seasoning Essentials Bundle (Raw, Gluten Free)Soup Seasoning Essentials Bundle (Raw, Gluten Free)
Soup bundle wakame kombu and sea spaghettiSoup Seaweed Bundle (Raw, Wild Harvested, GF)
Seaweed Starter Bundle (Gluten Free)
Seaweed Seasoning Gift Box (NZ Made, GF, Non GMO)| Pacific HarvestSeaweed Seasoning Gift Box (NZ Made, GF, Non GMO)| Pacific Harvest
Foodie Adventurer Bundle of Seaweeds from Pacific HarvestFoodie Adventurer Seaweed Bundle (Gluten Free)
Bakers_delight_bundle._2048x2048px  2048 × 2048pxBakers Delight Seaweed Bundle (Gluten Free)