Seaweed Bundles

Seaweed Bundles

Whether you are starting out with seaweed, crazy about nourishing soups, are a vegan baker, or adventurous foodie, we have a seaweed bundle just for you. Seaweeds are naturally iodine rich foods and offer a source of many other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, magnesium and iron.

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  • Starter Bundle ~ perfect if you are new to seaweed and are looking for simple ways to add a little seaweed to every day.
  • Bakers Delight Bundle ~ Seaweed essentials, especially for the vegan or vegetarian baking enthusiast.
  • Foodie Adventurer Bundle - Umami, flavours, textures and stunning seaweedy colours to delight any palate.
  • Soup Seasonings Bundle ~ Seaweed Seasonings we think are essential for soups and broths.
  • Soup Bundle Bundle ~ Iodine rich, gut friendly seaweeds to add to dashi stocks and vegan or vegetarian broths and use to bring delicious flavours and minerals to soups.


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Seaweed Seasoning Gift Boxes (NZ Made, GF, Non GMO)Seaweed Seasoning Gift Boxes (NZ Made, GF, Non GMO)
Soup Seaweed Bundle (Raw, Wild Harvested, GF)Soup Seaweed Bundle (Raw, Wild Harvested, GF)
Seaweed Starter Bundle (Gluten Free)Seaweed Starter Bundle (Gluten Free)
Foodie Adventurer Seaweed Bundle (Gluten Free)Foodie Adventurer Seaweed Bundle (Gluten Free)
Soup Seasoning Essentials Bundle (Raw, Gluten Free)Soup Seasoning Essentials Bundle (Raw, Gluten Free)
Bakers Delight Seaweed Bundle (Gluten Free)Bakers Delight Seaweed Bundle (Gluten Free)