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Our story


since 2002

For over two decades, we have specialised in edible seaweeds. We are leading a movement to a future where delicious seaweeds can be eaten everyday. 

We are guided by values we weave through all we do ~ courage, respect, authenticity, fairness and trust.


Sustainably sourced

We are powered by the opportunity to nourish and restore people and our planet and are continually inspired by the wonders of seaweed.

Our range is sustainably sourced, and raw ~ less processed, more nutritionally potent.

Our beliefs

Food is medicine

Yes, food sustains and delights us, but it can also prevent, reduce symptoms of and even reverse disease.

Seaweed is amongst the most nourishing foods we can eat.

Natural, wholefood always trumps (potentially chemically laden) pills and supplements. Add more minerals to your food by adding seaweed which contains a blend of everything we need for optimal health.

Ocean, land & human health are interconnected

We are an ethically driven company, driven by a purpose to nourish and restore people and our planet. 

We have a culture of continuous improvement in how we work, what we produce and who we work with. 

Eating seaweed can help to reduce our ‘foodprint’ - the footprint we leave as a result of the choices we make about what to eat.  


It matters where seaweed comes from.  Whilst Pacific is in our name, and we support local wherever possible, we offer a carefully curated range of seaweeds which have been sustainably harvested from clean waters around the world because not all seaweeds we would like to eat grow locally.

With the ninth longest coastline in the world, the ocean is central to life here in Aotearoa New Zealand. We proudly carry the New Zealand Fernmark on our New Zealand harvested seaweeds.

Pacific Harvest aligning with UN sustainable dev goals

Building a Sustainable Business

Our purpose to nourish and restore people and planet naturally, drives all our decisions.

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Our product committment

Our products pack a punch!  They are good for you, and good for our planet. They also happen to offer a range of delicious umami flavours.


We will always work with ethical harvesters who farm and or harvest seaweed respectfully and regeneratively.

Raw goodness

Wherever possible we will offer raw, traditionally air dried seaweeds. This drying process maximizes their nutritional value. We have a non-negotiable commitment to the quality of our ingredients.


We will always test our seaweeds to ensure they are food grade. We test in accordance with the requirements of the ANZ Food Code. Read our FAQs for more

Gluten free

We are gluten free - we proudly carry Crossed Grain certification

Local where possible

We proudly offer a range of edible seaweeds. We'll always source locally where we can be assured of quality.

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Recyclable packaging

Read about our packaging choices and what we are working on.

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Sustainability Journey

For 3 years we have been chipping away, making constant improvements...

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Projects we are committed to

The seaweed industry in Aotearoa New Zealand is in it's infancy. We are committed to partnering to see our local communities flourish and thrive.

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A Founding Industry Partner

 An ambitious, long-term, multicentre, dietary intervention study that will explore whether consumption of a New Zealand whole diet that includes high-quality New Zealand F&B products improves metabolic, cardiovascular, and wellbeing profiles in people at risk of cardiometabolic disease and their families.

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A Founding Board Member

Providing a united voice on matters which promote our vision of a high value, nature positive seaweed industry for Aotearoa New Zealand. Working to build an industry that delivers healthy marine ecosystems, thriving communities and is a significant contributor to the New Zealand economy.

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CarbonTrail Impact Aware

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