Flakes & Granules

Flakes & Granules

We offer the following seaweeds in flake format ~ Atlantic Dulse, Nori, Sea Lettuce, Wakame, Irish Moss and Power of Three (blend).

Kelp is available in raw granules


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Irish Moss Pacific harvestIrish Moss (Sea Moss, Gluten Free, Raw, Wild Harvested)
Atlantic Dulse Seaweed (Raw, Wild Harvested, Organic, Gluten Free)Dulseleaves.2048x2048px  2048 × 2048px
Nori Seaweed (Raw, Gluten Free, Ethically Harvested)Nori farmed fronds Pacific Harvest
Wakame Seaweed  (Raw, Gluten Free)Wakame Seaweed  (Raw, Gluten Free)
Wakame Seaweed (Raw, Gluten Free) Sale priceFrom $10.45 NZD
Kelp Seaweed Range Pacific harvestKelp Seaweed (Raw, Gluten Free, New Zealand Wild harvested)
Power of three Pacific harvestPower of Three Seaweed Flake Blend (Raw, Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free)
Sea Lettuce Seaweed Flakes (Raw, gluten free, wild harvested seaweed)Sea Lettuce Seaweed Flakes (Raw, gluten free, wild harvested seaweed)