Power of Three Seaweed Flake Blend (Raw, Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free)

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Try our unique Power of Three Seaweed Flake Blend with nothing but delicious, raw, dried seaweed flakes ~ one from each colour group brown, green and red. 

Just as we eat the land vegetable rainbow, eating a range of sea vegies will give us a range of minerals and micro-nutrients - each serve offers a good source of Iodine and a source of Iron. This product was a finalist in the NZ Food Awards in 2021!

Read more about why we think seaweed makes a wonderful alternative to salt as a garnish, or seasoning during cooking here. Bring colour, minerals and deeper flavour to every day meals with Power of Three Flakes!

Gluten free accredited, soy and dairy free.

Available in 2 sizes:

  1. 18g jar (approximately 12 servings) or
  2. 80g refill box (approximately 53 servings)

Scroll down for more product information and recipe inspiration.

Size: 18g

Learn more about eating the 'seaweed rainbow' here.

Ingredients: Atlantic Dulse, Sea Lettuce, Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima) seaweed flakes.

Country of origin: Blended in NZ from imported ingredients. Tested in accordance with the ANZ Food Code

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as they are light sensitive. Seaweeds are hygroscopic (they absorb moisture from the atmosphere around them) so seal securely once opened.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Power of three

I sprinkle this delicious trio on my scrambled eggs each morning. A great way to get a little seaweed in every day 😁 Thank you Pacific Harvest!

Vivian Han

Great seasoning and tastes really good too.

Nola Kenny
Power of Three

Very different to original Pacific Harvest products. Tastes sweet as if it has an additive!

Thanks Nola - glad you like it! Power of three has Sugar Kelp in it - no sugar added, this is just the name of the Kelp species which is sweeter than others :)

Pauline Henley

Fabulous and fast service as always. Love using seaweed flakes for a healthy boot of iodine and it’s a great way to cut salt.

Power of three is a thing!

We are first time seaweed buyers and are thoroughly enjoying the power of three flakes. The container is now reached for at every mealtime, and has added flavour to salads, pasta and vegetables… sprinkled on boiled potatoes with butter has become a favourite.. we will be back for more :-)

Thanks Karen! This really is such an easy way to add a little seaweed into everyday. The flavour boosts it provides is often a surprise! Enjoy!

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Company benefits

How our seaweeds are harvested

We only work with ethically minded harvesers who either farm seaweed sustainably, or employ regenerative harvesting practices

Reduced plastic

Seaweed is challenging to pack as it absorbs moisture. We've removed unnecessary
plastic zippers and our journey continues.

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