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8 Effortless Ways To Eat Atlantic Dulse Every Day

8 Effortless Ways To Eat Atlantic Dulse Every Day

There are so many ways to use Atlantic Dulse in everyday meals, we brainstormed at least 8! Most of our customers use it in their smoothies but this is really just the start of all the possibilities for this amazing superfood ingredient!  First, a quick comment on the taste and texture of Dulse…

What does Atlantic Dulse Taste like?  

For those new to the world of sea vegetables, Dulse is considered one of the best tasting varieties of seaweed. It has a strong salty and slightly smoky flavour. When roasted or fried this intensifies and has earned Dulse the reputation of being a ‘vegan bacon’ and rich source of umami flavour.  With endless ways to prepare and enjoy dulse, make this versatile sea vegetable a pantry staple.

What is the texture of Atlantic Dulse?

Texturally, dulse tends to be soft and chewy with thin leaves that don’t need soaking before eating. When used in soups and stews, the leafy seaweed texture becomes smooth and buttery, melting into the other flavours in the dish, whereas when used in baking, its flavour tends to intensify. Dulse flakes are especially good for imparting natural salt flavour into your cooking as they blend easily into any dish.

Here are our 8 easiest ways to Use Atlantic Dulse everyday

  1. Add it to a cleansing smoothie! This is perhaps the most common use for Atlantic Dulse, but it's such a versatile seaweed - it adds incredible nutrients and minerals and is gently cleansing. Read more about its health benefits here
  2. Atlantic Dulse pairs well with eggs, white fish, dairy products, starchy vegetables such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. Add it to recipes with capers, onions, bread and grains.
  3. Add flakes or leaves raw to salads, tartare, slaw, pickles, pesto, tapenade, or dressings.
  4. Add Dulse flakes to soups, stews, chowder, fish pies, or add as a garnish to fish, vegetables, or sautéed in butter.
  5. Add to savoury baking like bread or sprinkle over savoury dishes.
  6. Fry Atlantic Dulse with spices or nuts and seeds – don’t make the heat too high or you will damage the nutrients. The flavour will evolve as you heat it too!
  7. Make a vegan DLT (Dulse Lettuce Tomato) by pan-frying dulse sea lettuce leaves for a smoky, naturally salty taste paired with garden lettuce and tomato slices.
  8. Use in place of tea for smoking fish, mushrooms or chicken.

Dulse flakes on avocado toast

We love it so much we smoked it - view our Smoked Dulse Flakes for a flavour sensation.

Download our Atlantic Dulse recipe brochure.

    Read more about the health benefits of dulse

    Atlantic Dulse Flakes

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