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Is Sea Moss the Same as Irish Moss?

Is Sea Moss the Same as Irish Moss?

Practically speaking, Irish Moss is the same as Sea Moss. However, there are some essential distinctions.‘Sea Moss’ has become an umbrella term for several species of red seaweeds (sea mosses) that produce a jelly-like substance in their cell walls. Whether you refer to this seaweed as Irish Moss or Sea Moss, the irish sea moss gel has many uses.

What is the difference between Sea Moss and Irish Moss?

Europeans call this seaweed "Irish Moss"; Americans call it "Sea Moss". It performs the same function and is used the same way. Although, different types/species of seaweed are used as the base ingredient. The two main species associated with nutrition are Chondrus crispus which grows on the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America, and Genus Gracilaria, which is typically cultivated in Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania. Both species come in varying colours, and this colour can be impacted by how the seaweed is dried. It will be a ‘blonder’ colour if dried in the sunshine and darker, normally purply/brown colour if dried indoors.

Pacific Harvest prefers to source seaweeds from colder waters where the seaweeds build more resilience, and therefore offer more nutrient density. We also only work with harvesters who operate in clean areas with good current flow, and who harvest regeneratively.

When all these factors are considered, we believe the species we source from Europe is superior to the options from the Caribbean region. Therefore we have always offered Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus), sustainably harvested from organically certified European areas. Furthermore, it is air-dried to preserve nutrient density and then tested for contaminants following the Australian New Zealand Food Code.

Traditional uses of Irish Moss

We’ve summarised the common modern uses for Irish Moss here, but for centuries, Irish Moss has been used in Ireland as a functional food/natural medicine. Most famously, it was used as a ‘poverty food’ during the 19th century, especially during the Irish Potato Famine of 1846-1848.  In Venezuela, Sea Moss is boiled in milk and served with honey before bed.

In recent years, the raw food movement has extensively used the whole Irish Moss sea plant to produce a thick gel that gives texture to raw cakes and many other food applications. 

Read about the health benefits Irish sea moss offers due to its extremely high mineral content. It can be used in many ways, including as a functional food, healing ingredient, and beauty treatment.

Irish Moss is not to be confused with carrageenan, read our blog on carrageenan for more.

Experience the exciting health benefits yourself – buy your packet of Irish moss and make up some gel today!

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