Irish Sea Moss (Sea Moss, Gluten Free, Raw, Wild Harvested)

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Irish Moss is also referred to as 'Sea Moss'.  Although technically they are from different species, they are used in the same way. Read more about why Pacific Harvest chooses to offer Sea Moss sourced from Europe here here

This incredible seaweed has been used for centuries to support and heal many health issues. One serving of Irish Sea Moss offers an excellent source of Iodine, which can support thyroid health.

Read more about sea moss benefits here. Make this raw seaweed into a gel using our tried and tested recipe.

Avaiable in 3 sizes - 36g perfect for a trial, 120g or a new 400g size (for our super users!)

Scroll down for more information and recipe inspiration.

Size: 36g

Ingredients:  Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) dried sea vegetable 100%.

Country of origin:Grown in EU (Ireland or France). Packed in New Zealand.

Storage: Irish Moss is light sensitive and may lighten in colour if exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.  Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.  Seaweeds are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from the air, so seal securely once opened.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Donnelly
Iris Sea Moss

Love taking this every morning giving my body nutrients it's lacking.
I feel it gives me more energy and stops hunger cravings.

Steve Rochford
Pacific harvest

Seems to be a good company to deal with, prompt response, good product
... Ta lots

Linda Callahan
Haven't received

I've been asked three times to review these product despite notifying the company that I have not received them!

Hi Linda, thanks for letting us know. I will adjust the timing of the review request (which is an automated email) so this is helpful feedback. I'm glad to see your order has now been received. Please accept our apologies for the delay which seems to have been mostly courier service related.

We received your order on the Friday, dispatched it that day, and I can see it was processed on the Moday for international departure. At this point there was a delay of 9 days which is unusually long. Then your parcel took another 5 days to get to your local depot!. I can see there was an attempted delivery on Friday and then delivery was completed yesterday. I appreciate this must have been frustrating for you. Following your contact to alert us to the delay last week, our team were ready to raise a ticket if it had not arrived this week.

I hope you are happy with the quality of our product now you are using it. Once again, I am very sorry for the delay.

Irish moss

I noticed that recently the Irish moss is more refined now is there any chance of getting it back to it’s more fuller natural form?

Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for your feedback. Our Irish Moss is wild harvested so there can be a slight variation from one batch to the other - thanks to mother nature and what the wind and tides bring!
We have not noticed anything dramatically different recently and there have been no changes to how its dried/milled - can you drop us a line at with any images or further detail and we can look into this further for you?


Awesome product very happy

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