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Our sustainability journey

As a B Corp, we're part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

We are fortunate to work with some of nature's most amazing offerings. To us seaweeds inspire awe - they are living proof of nature's ability to heal people and the planet. It seems incongruous to do anything other than strive to leave as gentle a footprint on our planet as possible. They are arguably the most sustainable food we can eat and our mission is to make it as easy as possible to eat this delicious superfood, (which also has super powers from a planet perspective).

There are some moments in the journey that are extra special, and becoming B Corp
Certified is one of them.   After an 18-month certification process, we couldn’t be prouder to join a growing number of like-minded B Corp businesses in Australasia as we announce that as at 6th March 2024, Pacific Harvest is a Certified B Corporation. 

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What is B Corp Certification?

B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply
chain practices and input materials achieving a B impact score of 80 or above.   

This certification is awarded by B Lab, a non-profit organisation that assesses companies operating in diverse industries.

Pacific Harvest Sus Dev Goals

About Our B Corp Certification

We've aligned with four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are focused on nourishing people and planet.

We are proud of our commitment to sustainability - it's embedded in our core identity and vision. We underwent B Corp's rigorous assessment across five key areas to measure our social and environmental impact.

We're committed to continued improvement, exploring future possibilities like electric vehicles and green hydrogen fuel.

Seaweed is naturally good!

Everything to we do is focused on preserving its integrity, to support optimal human health. Our seaweeds are air dried and minimally processed, unlike many other popular seaweed products which have been highly processed.

Sustainable Practices: Our supply chain is constantly under review as we seek improvements that minimise our footprint.

Sourcing: We buy locally where possible. We only work with ethical harvesters and suppliers.

Reduction Efforts

We track carbon emissions and have set reduction targets. We minimise water usage and have a goal of zero waste! We source locally and constantly explore more carbon efficient transport options. We have significantly reduced our travel and use renewable energy in our office and factory.

Packaging: Our packaging is 100% recyclable in Australia & New Zealand. Read about our packaging here.


Investing: We donate food to OzHarvest, Kiwi Harvest and any seaweed waste (after grading) to our local community garden.

We support the excellent work Sustainable Coastlines does wherever we can.

Education: We're constantly out educating and hoping to inspire our communities about the wonders of seaweed and how they can be added to everyday meals. There is always more to be done and as we grow, and our resource grows, this is a key area of focus for us in the future.

Why is being B Corp Certified Important to Us?

We’ve always believed that natural ecosystems have power to sustain and heal us, and been led by strong values. We are powered by a purpose to nourish people and planet,
naturally, so deliberately don’t process our seaweeds, which destroys their naturally occurring, micro-nutrient and mineral potency.

We recognise that by making products, we will always have an impact on the environment. Our journey is about minimising negative impacts and rethinking how we operate.  We constantly strive to do better in all areas of our company, from ingredient sourcing, to packaging and everything else involved with running a small business. 

Becoming a B Corp business is our commitment to balance purpose and profit and use our business as a force for good.  

Being B Corp certified sends a strong signal to customers and stakeholders that we are serious about our commitment to responsible corporate practices.  It’s a declaration of our long-term commitment to our team, our community, and our environment…….and there is so much more to be done!