Power of Three Seaweed Flake Blend (Raw, Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free)

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Try our unique Power of Three Seaweed Flake Blend with nothing but delicious, raw, dried seaweed flakes ~ one from each colour group brown, green and red. 

Just as we eat the land vegetable rainbow, eating a range of sea vegies will give us a range of minerals and micro-nutrients - each serve offers a good source of Iodine. This product was a finalist in the NZ Food Awards in 2021!

Read more about why we think seaweed makes a wonderful alternative to salt as a garnish, or seasoning during cooking here. Bring colour, minerals and deeper flavour to every day meals with Power of Three Flakes!

Gluten free accredited, soy and dairy free.

Available in 2 sizes:

  1. 18g jar (approximately 12 servings) or
  2. 80g refill box (approximately 53 servings)

Scroll down for more product information and recipe inspiration.

Size: 18g

Learn more about eating the 'seaweed rainbow' here.

Ingredients: Atlantic Dulse, Sea Lettuce, Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima) seaweed flakes.

Country of origin: Blended in NZ from imported ingredients. Tested in accordance with the ANZ Food Code

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as they are light sensitive. Seaweeds are hygroscopic (they absorb moisture from the atmosphere around them) so seal securely once opened.

Customer Reviews

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Power of three is a thing!

We are first time seaweed buyers and are thoroughly enjoying the power of three flakes. The container is now reached for at every mealtime, and has added flavour to salads, pasta and vegetables… sprinkled on boiled potatoes with butter has become a favourite.. we will be back for more :-)

Thanks Karen! This really is such an easy way to add a little seaweed into everyday. The flavour boosts it provides is often a surprise! Enjoy!

Brooke Connolly
Great product. Not so great packaging.

Hello. Love the product. I add it to everything. But the resealable package is unfit for purpose. I decanted some into a jar for the kitchen and put the rest in the cupboard sealed with the provided sticker and it had unstuck not even a day later lucky I saw it.
Other seaweed brands I've brought have a resealable strip and it works great.
You could then get rid of the box and stick the main stickers to the bag as I diddnt want to keep the box the bag is then unlabeled.
Hope this helps
Your packaging looks great. But I feel my above suggestions may make it more used friendly

Thank you Brooke for your feedback - the positive and negative! We really appreciate the time you take to let us know what you think.

Packaging seaweed is actually more challenging than one may realise - there is definitely method in our madness!
We introduced the resealable sticker because the plastic zip option adds to the plastic content of the bag, and we see this as 'unneccessary plastic'. Our mission is to remove or reduce as much of the packaging as we can so we introduced the sticker, as a way to draw attention to the fact the bag still needs resealing (seaweed is hygroscopic!), whilst achieving a lower plastic content. I tend to use a clothes peg on my bags so this makes me wonder whether the sticker is even neccessary? Would appreciate your perspective on this?

The box is there to provide light protection as seaweeds are light sensitive, and colours will fade, if exposed to direct sunlight. If you are not using the box, please do leave the product in a dark corner of your pantry to ensure the colour vibrancy remains! Thanks again.


Great on top of most meals

Julie R
Amazing Kelp Salt and Power of Three

Amazing products! Thank you for super fast delivery too. I like to use these on everything because they are so tasty. Highly recommend to all.

Roger Moss
Love these products

Love the umami flavour of the products these products give my food- looking to more natural products without flavours added like chilli... Would love to sea more plain options for real natural flavours.

Thanks Roger, please send your ideas through to us and we will have a play and see what we can do!

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Company benefits

How our seaweeds are harvested

We only work with ethically minded harvesers who either farm seaweed sustainably, or employ regenerative harvesting practices

Reduced plastic

Seaweed is challenging to pack as it absorbs moisture. We've removed unnecessary
plastic zippers and our journey continues.

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