Wakame Seaweed (Raw, Gluten Free)

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Wakame seaweed, also known as Undaria is a popular edible seaweed, commonly added to delicious, hearty soups. It has a unique, subtle flavour and is silken to touch when moist. If you are vegetarian or vegan, this is one sea vegetable you will grow to love as a source of wonderful array of micronutrients, minerals and trace elements most land vegetables would find hard to match! It's gluten free and offers excellent iodine.

Discover the wonderful health benefits Wakame offers.

Here are at least 7 easy ways to add Wakame to everyday cooking.

We offer wild and farmed options:

  • Wild Wakame leaves*:  20g and 80g box (NZ harvested)
  • Wild Wakame flakes: 30g jar, 90g refill box (NZ harvested)
  • Farmed Wakame fronds: 40g, 200g box. (blanched and pre-cut into smaller pieces)

*read about the white powder you may see on Wild wakame leaves here.

Format: Wild Wakame Leaves
Size: 20g

Wakame - wild vs farmed

Our wild wakame seaweed is harvested, air dried and a raw, full leaf. The farmed wakame is blanched and chopped. The colour is darker and pieces smaller.

Wild Wakame

Farmed Wakame


Wakame - dry vs rehydrated

Wakame changes colour and expands when rehydrated.

Wild Wakame Dry

Wild Wakame Rehydrated


Wakame offers extensive minerals and nutrients. Read about the health benefits it offers here

Scroll down to see how Wakame changes when rehydrated and the difference between wild and farmed wakame.

Ingredients:Wakame (Undaria sp.) dried sea vegetable 100%.

Country of origin:

  • Wild Wakame: Product of New Zealand.
  • Farmed Wakame: Product of China. Tested and packed in New Zealand.

Storage: Wakame is light sensitive and may lighten in colour if exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.  Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.  Seaweeds are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from the air, so seal securely once opened.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ann Morton
Great quality

Good company to deal with. High quality products

Bob Abel
Wakame salad

Really enjoyed the flavours, a little disappointed that it didn't change colour to a bright green, just a dull shade.

Janice Williams

Wakame is so easy to use. I have been adding to my stirfries. Yum

Great suggestion! I even put some in a vegetarian lasagna - was superb!

Charmaine Seccombe

Tried the salmon baked with wakame seaweed recipe from your website. Delicious and could take the saltiness of the sea. The only criticism I have is with the cost of postage which was just 70 cents than the cost of the actual seaweed. The box used for postage was too big and obviously adds to the costs of postage.
Apart from that, I would purchase again.

Love your photo thanks Charmaine. We don't make any mark up on shipping - our system calculates what you order and where you live and we just pass on the cost. If you spend over $80 (seaweeds last a long time because of their natural mineral density) we ship free. Definitely appreciate your comments on the box size - we are working on that. I sent you an email with more info on this! Thanks!

A go to seaweed

We hydrate it by putting in with the rice when it is cooking, then take it out and chop it up for stir fries and stews. Mmmm.... what a delight. The rice gets to pickup the flavours and precious minerals too!! Delightful. Am very thankful for such a healthy wholesome product from the heart of New Zealand!

Company benefits

How our seaweeds are harvested

We only work with ethically minded harvesers who either farm seaweed sustainably, or employ regenerative harvesting practices

100% recyclable or reusable packaging

Reuse, or recyle through your local recycling schemes

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Reduced plastic

Seaweed is challenging to pack as it absorbs moisture. We've removed unnecessary
plastic zippers and our journey continues.

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