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4 Ways Vegans Can Use Agar Powder

4 Ways Vegans Can Use Agar Powder

Here are 4 ways to use Agar Powder - an extremely versatile sea vegetable if you are vegan or follow a plant based diet.  

Gelatine is used as a setting agent to form a gel. But gelatine is produced by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones from cows and pigs with water. When you use Agar as an alternative to gelatine, no animals die in the process! Agar is derived from a red seaweed that has similar properties to gelatine.

  1. Replace gelatine with Pacific Harvest’s colourless, odourless Agar Powder when making jellies, puddings ( eg cheesecakes), jellies, fruit purees, yoghurts, jams or marmalade without the need for added sugar to get the desired texture.
  2. Use Agar to replace eggs in vegan recipes or to reduce fat and sugar while keeping a creamy texture
  3. Use Agar as a functional food to get essential minerals and nutrients which may be limited through food choices. Read about the amazing health benefits from Agar here.
  4. Make dressings without the need for fats to lend a thicker texture.

When used properly, agar yields a similar texture to gelatin, and once you get it right, you’ll never look back – even if you’re not vegan or plant-based!

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