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Crumbed Mussel Recipe with Lemon Kelp

Crumbed Mussel Recipe with Lemon Kelp

This crumbed mussel recipe withLemon Kelp delivers a sophisticated, delicious starter or snack rich in nutrients and minerals from the ocean.

Serves 3

Prep time 30 minutes


  • 12 Sanford and Sons Green Lipped New Zealand mussels (1/2 shell)
  • 250gms Macadamia nuts (crumbled and toasted)*
  • 10gms Pacific Harvest Lemon kelp seasoning
  • 1 Orange zest (fine) from a single orange
  • 6 Chives spears (finely cut)
  • 150gms Butter (softened)


    1. Combine macadamia nuts, Lemon kelp seasoning, orange zest and chives in a bowl and mix well. Add butter and mix to combine. Loosen the mussel meat from the shell for ease of service.
    2. Top the mussel with the crust, evenly covering the mussel meat.
    3. Roast the crusted mussels under a hot grill (or bake in a hot oven) until the crust is toasted (careful not to burn!) and the mussel is hot (1-2 minutes).
    4. Serve hot on a plate or platter.
    *other nuts with light flavour would work too – otherwise Panko crumbs can be used.

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