Here’s our collection of delicious, easy seaweed recipes, gathered and honed over 20 years! Most of these will be familiar takes on firm family favourites, but we aim to enhance every recipe with seaweed which will deepen flavour and texture, but also add incredible nutrient density - whether it be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or DIY home treatment. 

Our mission is to make it easier to add a little seaweed everyday.

Gluten Free Oat Bread with Seaweed Flakes
Baking & Desserts

Gluten Free Oat Bread with Seaweed Flakes

This recipe calls for gluten free oats. You can make it dairy free, but the seaweed flakes are the secret ingredient! We used Power of Three seaweed flakes but you can swop this out for any seaweed...

Lunch & DinnerPotato and Leek Soup with Sea Lettuce

Potato and Leek Soup with Sea Lettuce

This addition of sea lettuce to this potato and leek soup recipe brings a lovely fresh colour, iron rich nutrients as well as a comforting umami flavour. It is a delicate, all-season soup which can...

Lunch & DinnerSavoy Cabbage Soup with Furikake

Savoy Cabbage Soup with Furikake

This quick & easy cabbage soup recipe is loaded with minerals, especially if you use the seaweed stock as well as the furikake garnish.

Lunch & DinnerRoasted Beetroot with a Kelp Salt Crust

Roasted Beetroot with a Kelp Salt Crust

This roasted Beetroot recipe with a Sea Salt Crust is not as salty as it sounds. The salt keeps the moisture and kelp salt infuses a gentle umami flavour.

Lunch & DinnerSalt Crusted Roast Beef, Columbian Style

Salt Crusted Roast Beef, Columbian Style

This Salt crusted roast feef, Columbian style recipe makes a spectacular meal. It is full of flavour and melts in your mouth. It is not as salty as you may think - the salt keeps the moisture in.

Lunch & DinnerShiitake Soup Recipe with Dulse

Shiitake Soup Recipe with Dulse

This shitake soup recipe with dulse added is a flavourful, nutrient-rich broth that will feed both body & soul.

Lunch & DinnerNourishing Seaweed Stock Recipe

Nourishing Seaweed Stock Recipe

This is a nourishing Seaweed Stock Recipe used in Japan as a base for miso soup and stews. This vegetable & seaweed stock is nutritious & delicious and offers lots of minerals & umami f...

Lunch & DinnerTuna Poke Bowl with Seaweed

Tuna Poke Bowl with Seaweed

Tuna Poke Bowl with Seaweed is simple and quick to make, Tuna Poke requires very few ingredients, but ones that are raw & fresh!

Cheese Sticks with Seaweed

This cheese stick recipe with seaweed gives an umami twist. Make your own in minutes and they are far more nutritious than store bought options when a little seaweed is added.

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