How Much Agar Should I Use?

How Much Agar Should I Use?

Read about how much Agar to use depending on the outcome you are tring to achieve.

Agar is available in three different formats (bars, granules and powder). Pacific Harvest offers only the powder which we feel is easiest to use in the kitchen.   Because agar needs to be heated to 90°C to dissolve properly in liquid, the powdered form is easiest to work with. If you are using bars or flakes, we suggest you break them into a powder first, using a coffee or spice grinder.  The powder form dissolves faster and more evenly. A general conversion is:

1 teaspoon agar powder = 1 tablespoon agar flakes = 1/2 agar bar

The ratios below are a guide only – we recommend that you experiment a little as the amount of agar you need for a recipe can vary:

  • for a hard set: 1 tsp agar powder per cup of liquid
  • for a soft set/wobbly: ½ – ¾  tsp agar per cup
  • for a ‘jam-like’ effect: 1/3 – ½ tsp agar per cup
  • for dressing-like effect: ¼ tsp agar per cup

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right – agar is versatile and can be reheated and the recipe amended if you get a less than perfect result!

Pacific Harvest’s Agar has no taste colour or odour so it will sit in the background and let other flavours take centre stage.  Our agar also  sets more firmly (at room temperature) than gelatin, giving you greater control over texture in your cooking. It should also stay firmer than gelatine, even in warmer temperatures.

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