Here’s our collection of delicious, easy seaweed recipes, gathered and honed over 20 years! Most of these will be familiar takes on firm family favourites, but we aim to enhance every recipe with seaweed which will deepen flavour and texture, but also add incredible nutrient density - whether it be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or DIY home treatment. 

Our mission is to make it easier to add a little seaweed everyday.

Pacific Harvest Irish Moss and lemony tahini Salad Dressing
Stocks sauces & dressings

Irish Sea Moss and Lemony Tahini Salad Dressing

You probably wouldn't immediately think to add Irish Moss to a dressing but its a really great way to thicken a salad dressing, and bring added nutrients to your plate in an easy, low-fuss way. Mak...

BreakfastPacific Harvest Alkaline Blueberry & Irish Sea Moss Jam

Alkaline Blueberry & Irish Sea Moss Jam

Our Blueberry and Irish Sea Moss jam recipe is low-sugar, healing and alkaline. It's just as delicious on scones, breakfast waffles or toast as it is on a platter, served with cheeses. It will rema...

SnacksPacific Harvest Dulse Pesto on Pasta on red table mat

Dulse Pesto Recipe

Seaweed pesto is a wonderful way to add seaweed to your diet. Here we use Dulse, a brightly coloured, smoky flavoured seaweed that is also high in iodine. Add to pasta, toasted sandwiches with chee...

Stocks sauces & dressingsVegan Kombu Stock Recipe - Western Style

Vegan Kombu Stock Recipe - Western Style

This vegan Kombu stock recipe is a western style approach for stock preparation. Whether you are making a vegetarian stock or bone broth this stock will provide wonderful umami flavour as well as r...

Stocks sauces & dressingsTraditional Kombu Dashi Recipe

Traditional Kombu Dashi Recipe

This traditional Kombu Dashi Recipe is a mild Japanese stock made with Kombu and bonito flakes. Dashi is the flavour foundation for many Japanese dishes and carries wonderful flavour and nutrients.

Stocks sauces & dressingsKombu Marinade for Umami Flavour - Grains, Vegetables, Fish or Meat

Kombu Marinade for Umami Flavour - Grains, Vegetables, Fish or Meat

This Kombu marinade is an excellent, versatile recipe which can be used with fish, grains, meat or vegetable dishes and is a wonderful way to access umami flavour.

Stocks sauces & dressingsAgar Fat Free Dressing With Tarragon

Agar Fat Free Dressing With Tarragon

This fat free dressing is a great example of what can be achieved using Agar which harmonises the texture of this dressing without the fat, and is nutritionally dense at the same time.

Lunch & DinnerVegetarian Puttanesca Recipe with Nori

Vegetarian Puttanesca Recipe with Nori

This is a vegetarian puttanesca recipe with nori added - an adaptation from the traditional Neapolitan recipe with anchovies and is in no way a compromise on the original dish. Try it on pasta and ...

Lunch & DinnerGarlic Bruschetta Recipe

Garlic Bruschetta Recipe

This garlic bruschetta recipe will delight garlic bread fans. The added benefit from using garlic kelp is additional nutrient and wonderful umami flavour. Use this butter in steamed vegetables or a...

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