Here’s our collection of delicious, easy seaweed recipes, gathered and honed over 20 years! Most of these will be familiar takes on firm family favourites, but we aim to enhance every recipe with seaweed which will deepen flavour and texture, but also add incredible nutrient density - whether it be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or DIY home treatment. 

Our mission is to make it easier to add a little seaweed everyday.

Pacific Harvest Delicious Irish Moss Humus

Delicious Irish Sea Moss Humus

Hummus is a popular Middle Eastern dip and spread, suitable for all diets!  We add Irish Sea Moss gel to our recipe which is also packed with nutrients and is linked to many impressive health and n...

SnacksPacific Harvest  Dairy Free Irish Sea Moss Ice Cream

Dairy Free Irish Sea Moss Ice Cream

Our dairy free Irish Sea Moss Ice cream recipe screams summer fun!  Serve in a cone or with fresh fruits or a raw chocolate sauce. Who said following a restricted diet needs to be boring?

BreakfastPacific Harvest Alkaline Blueberry & Irish Sea Moss Jam

Alkaline Blueberry & Irish Sea Moss Jam

Our Blueberry and Irish Sea Moss jam recipe is low-sugar, healing and alkaline. It's just as delicious on scones, breakfast waffles or toast as it is on a platter, served with cheeses. It will rema...

Lunch & DinnerGrilled Asparagus Wrapped in Dulse Leaves

Grilled Asparagus Wrapped in Dulse Leaves

A simple, salty, visually interesting and very healthy addition to a snack plate - Asparagus wrapped in Dulse leaves will definitely be a talking point!

Baking & DessertsGluten Free Oat Bread with Seaweed Flakes

Gluten Free Oat Bread with Seaweed Flakes

This recipe calls for gluten free oats. You can make it dairy free, but the seaweed flakes are the secret ingredient! We used Power of Three seaweed flakes but you can swop this out for any seaweed...

SnacksPacific Harvest Dulse Pesto on Pasta on red table mat

Dulse Pesto Recipe

Seaweed pesto is a wonderful way to add seaweed to your diet. Here we use Dulse, a brightly coloured, smoky flavoured seaweed that is also high in iodine. Add to pasta, toasted sandwiches with chee...

SnacksBaked Goats Cheese Recipe with Dulse

Baked Goats Cheese Recipe with Dulse

This baked goats cheese recipe with dulse seaweed is creamy and smoky. Dulse and goats cheese are the perfect combination and dulse, a red seaweed lifts the nutritional profile of this snack signif...

SnacksSeaweed Seasoned Popcorn

Seaweed Seasoned Popcorn

A guilt free popcorn snack with a difference, bursting with health!

Cheese Sticks with Seaweed

This cheese stick recipe with seaweed gives an umami twist. Make your own in minutes and they are far more nutritious than store bought options when a little seaweed is added.

Everyday with seaweed
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