Here’s our collection of delicious, easy seaweed recipes, gathered and honed over 20 years! Most of these will be familiar takes on firm family favourites, but we aim to enhance every recipe with seaweed which will deepen flavour and texture, but also add incredible nutrient density - whether it be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or DIY home treatment. 

Our mission is to make it easier to add a little seaweed everyday.

Avocado Toast With Dulse Seaweed (GF)

Avocado Toast With Dulse Seaweed (GF)

Avocado toast will be transformed by a sprinking of Dulse seaweed or other flakes such as power of three flakes, sea lettuce or Nori. 

BreakfastHomemade Nori Granola

Homemade Nori Granola

Homemade Nori Granolais a healthy nutrient dense way to kick start the morning. It can be eaten as a snack or with yogurt and fruit.

BreakfastDulse & Cheese Scones

Dulse & Cheese Scones

Easy, delicious and guaranteed to delight - adding Dulse to your favourite cheese scones brings a saltiness and umami depth, as well as lovely colour.

BreakfastSeaweed Smoothie Recipes To Surprise and Delight

Seaweed Smoothie Recipes To Surprise and Delight

These seaweed smoothie recipes are brimming with excellent nutrients and minerals, and bring some new flavours to your smoothies! 

Everyday with seaweed
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