Soup Seasoning Essentials Bundle (Raw, Gluten Free)

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Save when you purchase this bundle rather than buying them individually. Contains Power of Three Seaweed Flakes, Garlic Kelp and Chilli Seaweed Seasoning.

These seaweeds lend themselves very well to hearty, immunity building and delicious soups, full of umami flavour. They are pantry staples when you are thinking about soup – each of these has a wonderful place in every self respecting soup recipe! Discover why adding a little seaweed is so good for your health here

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  • Power of Three Flakes
  • Garlic Kelp 
  • Chilli Seaweed Seasoning.

Country of origin:

All blended and packed in NZ from local and imported ingredients.  All tested in NZ according to the ANZ food code.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Seal securely once opened.

Customer Reviews

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Cherrie Fowler-Paul

Soup Seasoning Essentials Bundle (Raw, Gluten Free)

Great and versatile seasoning

Excellent flavours, so different from "typical" seasoning, tastes wonderful, suits a huge range of dishes.

Thank you so much for your feedback. We agree - a surprising number of applications and the umami kick is suprising!!

Glenda McLean

Soup Seasoning Essentials Bundle (Power of Three Flakes 18g, Garlic Kelp 45g, Chilli Seaweed Seasoning 50g)

Company benefits

How our seaweeds are harvested

We only work with ethically minded harvesers who either farm seaweed sustainably, or employ regenerative harvesting practices

100% recyclable or reusable packaging

Reuse, or recyle through your local recycling schemes

We're on a mission to reduce overall packaging ~ read more here.

Reduced plastic

Seaweed is challenging to pack as it absorbs moisture. We've removed unnecessary
plastic zippers and our journey continues.

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